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  • Client

    Pfister Faucets

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An award-winning campaign launching Pfister's revolutionary Xtract faucet, engineered to filter out, like, 1 Kabillion times more Jobbies than the competition.

  • Client

    Pfister Faucets
  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production, Post-Production, Distribution + PR
  • Channels

    Digital, Social
  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

Using a wildly inaccurate narrator and questionable scientific schematics to garner attention for the launch of an industry first.

  • “Ads for water-filtering technology always get so serious with their scientific demos, putting the viewer to sleep in the process. But here’s one for Pfister’s Clarify faucet, with Xtract Filter Mode by GE, that actually proves to be quite amusing—by making fun of the category’s typical jargony mumbo-jumbo.” - Adweek

    Pfister’s Xtract faucet was bound to turn heads.

    Powered by GE’s 2X High Flow Filtration System, it was both a faucet and a filter, built better and priced better than anything the competition had to offer. Pfister turned to Nurture to get people excited.

  • The Problem

    Pfister had a phenomenal product. They had brilliantly incorporated a world-class filter into an elegantly designed faucet. It was powered by GE technology. It filtered out pharmaceuticals, chlorine and lead, and did this two times faster than run-of-the-mill faucet filters. It was inexpensive, and surprisingly easy to maintain.

    The challenge was – how do we communicate all of this without boring people to death or making them feel like they’re trapped in an infomercial?

  • The Solution

    With Pfister’s competitors continuing to embrace luxury messaging that often felt unrelatable, the “Xtract” campaign was born out of the idea of stuffy luxury advertising gone awry.

    A suave, deep-voiced narrator who doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about, advanced engineering diagrams that are anything but, and complex scientific terms like “gunk,” “germies,” and “Jobbies” were dreamt up in the spirit of entertaining audiences first and foremost while weaving in vital product features along the way.

  • To expand this campaign beyond the world of video, Nurture partnered with web design agency Web Advanced on an interactive product microsite, inviting visitors to hear more philosophical insights from the video’s narrator, meet the “Jobbies” floating in their drinking water, and learn how Xtract matches up against the competition.

    In post-production, Nurture worked closely with Web Advanced to develop the microsite’s interactive features, and Nurture’s animation team designed and animated each of the Jobbies that now call the site home.

  • The Results

    The Xtract campaign was featured in Adweek, won Addy and IAC awards, and sparked strong sales for Xtract at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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