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  • Client

    Montague Ovens

  • Agency

    Strahan Advertising + Nurture

Wolfgang Puck

Helping the country’s foremost professional oven brand speak to the world’s top restauranteurs in their own language.

  • Client

    Montague Ovens
  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production
  • Channels

    Social, Digital
  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

Helping the country’s foremost restaurant oven brand speak to the world’s top restauranteurs in their own language.

  • Montague makes ovens precise enough to delight master chefs, strong enough to survive decades of thousand-dinner nights, and hot enough to melt away even the newest sous-chef’s insecurities. When Montague was selected by one of history’s most well-known chefs as his exclusive high-end oven provider, they asked themselves how best to share that story with the world.

    The Problem

    Montague wanted to sell more ovens.

    Immersing ourselves in the world of restaurant equipment sales, we learned that chefs typically play the key decision making role in the outfitting of a new restaurant’s heavy machinery, regardless of whether they hold ownership in the venture.

  • The chef, as the star that earns reviews and draws crowds, must be confident in her/his tools in order to do their best work, and the oven is, in many restaurants, the central tool — the fiery heart of the kitchen, through which most menu items pass on their way to hungry patrons’ plates.

    Everyone who’s been within eyeshot of a TV in the last 15 years knows that master chefs are hard to please. If you think getting their approval on a plate of noodles is hard, imagine trying to sell them a $30,000 oven. Montague, despite 159 years leading the oven industry, aren’t the only oven maker in the game, and the competition in this industry is particularly hot.

    How do we show chefs around the world that, for very important reasons, Wolfgang Puck believes in this brand?

  • The Solution

    To help translate Montague’s position as the culinary legend’s equipment provider into currency within their trade channels, we worked with Montague’s Agency of Record, Strahan Advertising, to create a video campaign that dove beneath the surface of Wolfgang Puck’s very public persona to paint a truly human portrait.

    In our effort to understand who Wolfgang is and what inspires him, we uncovered memories from his youth as a cook at a summer resort in Austria, we explored his relationship with his sons, and pulled out the significance of the ingredients that have been special to Wolfgang throughout his career.

  • It was important for the meals Wolfgang prepared to look as good as they smelled and tasted (we ate everything he cooked moments after the camera stopped rolling), so we enlisted a cinematographer with extensive experience doing just that and shot on a set of glass we knew would bring out the texture and subtle colors of the food with delicious fidelity.

    Our colorist used the food and fire to set each piece’s color palette, coaxing out their rich hues to saturate Wolfgang’s kitchen.

  • The Results

    We produced 3 videos with Wolfgang, each focused on the process and inspiration behind a different favorite of his, each relying on the unrivaled precision of a Montague oven.

  • Montague has deployed the series in full force, sharing them with countless prospective customers, screening them before influential audiences at major events, and using them to open sales presentations before new and repeat customers everywhere.

  • Videos produced with Wolfgang
  • Years of Montague heritage captured

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Montague Ovens — Wolfgang Puck
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