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When She Comes Home

A simple, human story to promote powerful new technology from the world's largest door lock company.

  • Client

  • Nurture's Roles

    Strategy, Creative Development, Production
  • Channels

    Social, Digital
  • Project Timeline

    14 weeks

A simple, human story to show consumers a new smart lock’s industry-changing features.

  • Kwikset’s Home Connect technology reinvents home security, bringing door lock technology into the IOT era by syncing home access with other smart devices and allowing users to monitor and control home access anywhere.

  • The Challenge

    It’s cool, to say the least. But it’s a lot to communicate, especially in an age marked by chronically short attention spans.

    How do we earn enough time from Kwikset’s target consumers to tell the whole story of Kwikset’s powerful new technology in a way that enables consumers to visualize themselves benefitting from Home Connect in their own lives?

  • The Solution

    We crafted a tale of a father who cares so deeply for his daughter that, at times, he gets hurt. This format provided us just the vehicle we needed to speak to our target Kwikset demographic — broadly defined here as suburban homeowners with families — while showcasing Home Connect’s many sophisticated features in everyday usage cases.

    We hope you’ll find something familiar in this story.

  • The Results

    In addition to educating countless daily visitors on Kwikset’s heavily trafficked Home Connect site, the video has earned over 100,000 organic views on YouTube.

  • YouTube views (over)

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Kwikset — When She Comes Home
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