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"Here Are the Funniest, Quirkiest Ads You'll See About Having Your Home Invaded" - Adweek

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    Strategy, Creative Development, Production, Media Planning + Buying, PR
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    Digital, Social
  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

Home security companies often try scaring people in ads. We asked, instead, how to make a break-in story funny enough to share... and sell locks.

  • “Here Are the Funniest, Quirkiest Ads You’ll See About Having Your Home Invaded.” -Adweek

    Kwikset’s SmartKey technology enables homeowners to avoid ever having to call a locksmith by allowing them to rekey their lock — using any key they want — in a matter of seconds.

  • The Problem

    This patented technology has given Kwikset a defensible advantage over all its competitors, but the SmartKey story is not a simple one to communicate because the process and benefits of rekeying a lock require detailed communication, which in turn endangers a video campaign’s shareability.

    How do we tell a story that effectively educates homeowners on the way SmartKey works in a way entertaining enough to hold viewers and earn organic sharing en masse?

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  • The Solution

    SmartKey fills a gap — you once gave a copy of your house key to someone you were dating. Or a housekeeper, or a dog walker, or babysitter. As the sands of time moved from the higher to the lower region of the hourglass, you fell out of contact with that person for one reason or another.

    But that key still exists. You trust these people, mostly — but you never know.

  • The prospect of paying a locksmith hundreds of dollars to change your locks seems a bit extreme, though. So, day after day, you conduct your life in a gray zone of uncertain security.

    SmartKey ends the uncertainty. We focused on that insight to tell a story rich with real-world examples of keys gone astray, looking for the humor in each to create a piece as entertaining as it is informational.

  • The Results

    Over 1 million YouTube views for the three videos, an Adweek feature lauding the campaign, and many new projects with Kwikset.

  • YouTube views for all 3 videos (over)

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