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An elite athlete's brush with death and the vital role nutrition played in his recovery.

  • Client

    Food For Life
  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production, Post-Production
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  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

Motocross legend Ryan Hughes relied on healthy eating to reclaim his life. His story helped Food For Life reach a burgeoning audience of young athletes.

  • Ryan Hughes, a motocross world champion, was supposed to ride off into the sunset after announcing his retirement, living a quiet life mentoring the next generation of motocross greats. All that changed when he severed his spinal cord on a training run, and faced the prospect of death, or, at the very best, never being able to walk again.

  • Ryan’s lifelong commitment to healthy eating gave him the nourishment, focus and energy he needed to beat the odds and make a full recovery. From day one, Food For Life’s Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grains Bread was a staple of his diet.

    Hoping to connect with a growing demographic of young athletes taking nutrition more seriously than ever before, Food For Life turned to Nurture to share Ryan’s story.

  • The Challenge

    Food For Life, makers of the healthiest bread you’ll find at the grocery store, realized that their products no longer exclusively appealed to parents packing school lunches and health food enthusiasts.

    An increasing number of young athletes hoping to gain a competitive edge were becoming obsessed with eating clean, and Food For Life wanted their attention.

  • The Solution

    Ryan’s story was both deeply inspirational and highly educational. To seize the best of both worlds in a way that resonated with athletes, Nurture produced a five-part video series that focused on Ryan’s emotional journey back to the top, and also educated viewers on the nuances of blood sugar, PH balance, Omega 3 fatty acids, and protein intake.

  • The Results

    The “Recovery” series was shared across YouTube and screened in front of 60,000 motocross fans weekly at every arena that hosted a race during the 2015 season, cementing Food For Life’s status as a go-to source for healthy food and reliable nutritional tips.

  • Weekly audience at every arena that hosted a race during the 2015 season

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