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PUMA All-Star Group

PUMA paired the best young soccer players in America with the elite coaching staff at Arsenal FC. We turned that experience into a powerful recruiting tool.

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    Creative Development, Production, Post-Production
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  • Project Timeline

    8 Weeks

PUMA wanted to show young American players and their coaches the advantages of partnering with PUMA over Nike and Adidas.

  • More and more kids in the US are playing soccer.

    With several cable TV networks dedicated entirely to the sport, and with video game franchises like FIFA becoming a household staple, the beautiful game truly is becoming global, and this growth is on display in America, where elite youth training programs committed to grooming future generations of soccer stars are booming.

    The Challenge

    The problem for PUMA was – not enough of these young, elite American players are wearing PUMA boots out on the field, and, the players’ coaches do not have PUMA’s world-class connections and player development resources on their radar.

    If PUMA wanted to count the next big American soccer star among its ranks, this needed to change.

  • The Solution

    PUMA had recently invested in a partnership with one of the world’s most famous soccer clubs, Arsenal FC, and was in need of ways of leveraging that relationship toward greater influence in the American soccer market, especially among elite youth clubs.

    Nurture created a high energy docu-style video chronicling the adventures of a group of young American players flown out to London to be trained and mentored by Arsenal’s renowned coaching staff – all courtesy of PUMA.

    It was Nurture’s mission to highlight exactly what makes a partnership with PUMA unique, both for the young players given the chance to experience the rigors of professional training at a top European club, and for the coaches committed to providing their teams with the best opportunities for technical development and personal growth.

  • The Results

    Our final video continues to be showcased at conferences and tournaments throughout America, equipping PUMA representatives with a compelling tool that serves as a powerful testament to the brand’s vast resources and commitment to the evolution of soccer in the US.

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PUMA — PUMA All-Star Group
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