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  • Client

    Pfister Faucets

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Pfister REACT

Be careful what you watch. It might come true. An 18-part video campaign that beat the competition with humor.

  • Client

    Pfister Faucets
  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production, Post-Production, Distribution + PR
  • Channels

    Digital, Social
  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

20 years after their last major campaign, Pfister asked us to launch their touch-free REACT faucet with a splash.

  • Pfister Faucet Company has maintained a reputation as an innovator for 116 years. Its new REACT faucet continued the legacy, introducing new affordable technology to the kitchen in a stylish package.

    The Challenge

    Significant investment had gone into the development of the faucet’s REACT technology, and though the product was a major launch, funds for a national TV ad campaign weren’t available.

  • Nurture was asked to develop a digital campaign that could achieve the same impact that a TV campaign would, at a substantially smaller budget.

    Up against big spending marketers like Moen and Delta, whose national TV campaigns run year-round, how would our content break through the noise to reach prospective faucet buyers around the country?

See Doug's Innovation Kitchen

  • The Solution

    After a careful study of the Pfister brand, consumer demographics and competition, we developed a content strategy that would guide every ensuing step in the development of the campaign.

    The key insight driving our creative development was that Pfister’s customers were tired of the stuffy, often elitist faucet ads they’d become accustomed to.

  • They just want nice-looking faucets that work well and don’t cost more than they should, sold by companies who understand them.

    Our campaign, which parodied the highbrow content that Pfister’s competitors were producing, gave birth to Doug, a lovable everyman who tells it as it is and often gets confused in the process. We developed and scripted Doug’s world, then brought it to life over the course of four days of filming.

  • The Results

    An 18-part video series brought viewers into Doug’s kitchen, where they discovered REACT’s advanced features, along with Doug’s own bizarre faucet inventions, including a beer-tap faucet.

  • Heavily promoted online and across YouTube, the REACT Campaign received a full-page writeup in The New York Times, became a trending thread on the Reddit homepage, won an Addy Award, and led to record sales for Pfister.

  • Total series views on YouTube (millions)
  • Doug videos produced
  • Original faucet inventions
  • Beers poured through beer-tap faucet

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