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Nike Training Club

A striking content campaign to boost attendance at Nike's national fitness tour and allow the world to experience the events.

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    Strategy, Creative Development, Production
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    Social, Digital
  • Project Timeline

    10 weeks

A visually striking content campaign that boosted attendance at Nike's national fitness tour and allowed the world to experience the spectacular events afterward.

  • Over the past two years, Nike and their experiential agency, On Board Experiential (OBE), orchestrated a series of workout activations around the country that became the biggest campaign of its kind by many factors.

    The Problem

    Pre-Event: Nike and OBE, investing heavily in these high-profile training events, needed to ensure that they reached and connected with their consumers in the weeks leading up to each activation, some of which were designed for 1000+ participants.

  • Partially-full venues would have diminished the experience for participants and would have meant missed opportunities to connect with Nike’s hard-to-reach target consumer.

    Post-Event: Nike and OBE also needed to maximize returns on the NTC events by capturing the best of each and creating content that would be shared online – but how do you create short, shareable content that captures the story and energy of an event as unique as NTC?

NTC San Francisco

  • The Solution

    Cinematic content focused on the aspirational elements of the NTC campaign. For Nike’s banner NTC Santa Monica event, to forge a connection with young women learning about the events through these videos, we told the story of girls training in preparation for event. We then followed each one’s individual experience through the day, capturing the details that made each experience unique and special.

    By translating the visual identity that Nike had created for Nike Training Club into a visual language for the series of videos we created, we lent the digital extension of the campaign consistency with the real-world experience that, when shared by dozens of top Nike influencers, would reinforce visual elements consumers would find throughout the activation.

  • The goal was to achieve peak relevance with sticky visuals that captured the aspirational. We set about creating a visual style, brand persona and tone of voice by which to anchor all creative.

    We developed and implemented a content strategy focused on reducing the gap between the digital and NTC activation experience. The videos we produced for Nike’s influencers to share on Instagram and Facebook captured and conveyed what it feels like to work out with some of the country’s best trainers.

    The Results

    Our collective efforts drew thousands of participants and resulted in record user engagement levels for the brand. The NTC tour is one of Nike’s most successful experiential campaigns to date.

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