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E-Zone Racquet

An ode to speed for the tennis giant's newest racquet, featuring the fastest of the track and court.

  • Client

  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production
  • Channels

    Social, Digital
  • Project Timeline

    10 weeks

Helping the Japanese tennis giant leverage their relationship with one of the world’s fastest players to turn heads with the speed of their new racquet.

  • The Problem

    Even with a champion tennis player on your roster, it’s hard to stand out on YouTube.

    Yonex was looking to boost the performance of its video campaigns, and wanted to serve its fans a piece of content that would get their hearts pumping.

    With vast budgets and expansive timelines, this can be a challenging feat. With neither — and a mandate that the narrative translate with equal ease to American and Japanese audiences — this match was not stacked in our favor.

  • The Solution

    A simple and visually bold storytelling style focused entirely on speed, that likened the new E-Zone Ai racquet to the supercars of the track and superstars of the court.

    But how do you rent an airport runway to race a new Lamborghini in front of a servo-controlled Red Epic hanging off a Hummer camera car at 100 MPH, on a budget tighter than Ana Ivanovic’s tennis shorts? With conviction, persistence and some degree of charm, it turns out that anything is, in fact, possible.

  • The Results

    A big launch for the E-Zone Ai. The video took off on YouTube and Facebook, earning higher audience engagement levels and viewcounts than any content in Yonex’s history. We also walked away with a better understanding of why everyone is in love with Ana.

  • YouTube views
  • Speed in miles per hour of Lamborghini recorded

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Yonex — E-Zone Racquet
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