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Axon by ZTE

Helping the world’s 4th largest smartphone maker launch its flagship phone in the U.S. with a bang.

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    Strategy, Creative Development, Production
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    Press Conference, Digital, Social
  • Project Timeline

    10 weeks

Helping the world’s 4th largest smartphone maker launch its flagship phone in the U.S.

  • ZTE is known as a leading mobile device company in most countries around the planet.

    The Problem

    The U.S. is not one of those countries.

    Despite 17 years manufacturing millions of white label devices for AT&T and Verizon in the U.S., the ZTE brand is not one that most Americans are familiar with. Last year, ZTE decided to change that by unveiling their newest and most powerful phone in the U.S. market, at roughly half the price of Samsung and Apple’s flagships.

    They knew that telling this story to their target influencers could ignite U.S. sales, but one major question blocked their path: In a brutally competitive mobile marketplace, how do we get the U.S. tech media — the kingmakers of the mobile industry — to put down their phones and pay attention?

  • The Solution

    The Axon’s powerful audio, video and processing components, manufactured by mobile technology leaders around the world, are what make the phone stand out — so we focused on them in the most literal sense by producing a visually stunning assembly of the phone in zero-gravity, with a particularly handsome-sounding voiceover artist explaining what, exactly, we’re looking at. We then created a series of sub-videos dedicated to each of the phone’s noteworthy ingredients.

    We integrated these videos into an eye-popping presentation deck that we designed for ZTE. When the company’s top U.S. executives presented the deck and videos to over a hundred of the country’s top tech journalists at the Axon launch in New York City, it was a hit, to say the least.

  • The Results

    In the week after the press conference, excitement about Axon pulsed from dozens of the top tech publications who attended the launch event, including CNET, Engadget, PC Mag, The Verge, and Android Authority, reaching prospective Axon buyers throughout the web with over 50 million impressions.

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