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12 Million

Rallying around a daring soda brand’s mission to eradicate America’s childhood obesity epidemic and addiction to sugar.

  • Client

  • Nurture's Roles

    Creative Development, Production, Post-Production
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    Digital, Social
  • Project Timeline

    12 weeks

When Zevia, an all-natural, sugar-free soda brand, told us that 12 million kids in America are obese, we vowed to help them educate consumers and inspire change.

  • Offering a product that is all natural, sugar-free, and calorie-free, with great taste to boot, Zevia was the bold, new kid on the block looking to disrupt the cultural and financial leviathan that is the American soda industry.

    With the amount of sugar consumed by Americans and their children at an all-time high, and with sugar’s frightening health consequences receiving national attention, Zevia sensed that the tide against Big Soda was turning, and approached Nurture to help grow brand awareness and spread the word about the perils of sugar.

    The Problem

    With its brand ethos rooted in positivity, Zevia was in need of video content that piqued brand interest and educated consumers about better food choices, without scaring them or making them feel like they were being lectured.

  • The Solution

    The “12 Million” video campaign was born out of the idea that if there’s anyone fit to communicate Zevia’s positive message, it’s the group of people who stand to benefit the most from it – American kids.

    Filming in Los Angeles, we cast six brilliant young minds to paint a compelling picture of just how much more sugar we consume today than we did 20 years ago, and how those changes have led to skyrocketing obesity rates among children.

    At the video’s conclusion, viewers are invited to make a smarter soda choice, and are reminded that the future is ours for the taking, should we want it to be.

  • The Results

    Zevia shared “12 Million” with its 200,000 fans across Facebook and YouTube, and encouraged them to spread the word. What emerged were insightful conversations and stimulating online interactions tackling smarter eating habits and how to change the course of America’s declining national health.

    Along the way, people fell in love with the Zevia brand and joined the ranks of its diehard fan base. The video has amassed more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

  • Obese children in America
  • Teaspoons of sugar Americans consume per day

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